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Mouse Removal

Professional Rodent Removal Services

Mice invade homes and businesses, in search of food and shelter. There is hardly anything that they will not consume. Pet food makes a great meal for these rodents! Mice gain entry to homes in businesses through pipes, cabinets, holes or openings in foundations and also through roofs. What seems to be a small space to us is a large space to them. Once inside homes or businesses, they will urinate and defecate on human and pet foods causing the spread of diseases.

More about Mice & Rats

Habitat: Rats are excellent climbers and they usually live in spaces on the tops of buildings, on roofs or in attics, basements and ground floors. They also live in sheds, garages, boxes, ceilings, under floors, in wood heaps and in thick grass. Mice mainly live in structures. However, they can live outdoors as well. They breed throughout the year and share their nests with their relatives.

Damages: Rats cause extensive damage to insulation inside walls and in attics, they cause structure damages by chewing and carrying many diseases. They also chew on electrical wires, which can cause fires. They are known to damage pool heaters, hot tubs and barbecue grills. Some rats will also attack both animals and humans. Small amounts of mouse urine trigger allergies, particularly in children. Mice spread diseases by contaminating food and water (and through bite wounds) with their waste products. Mice can also spread disease through parasites (such as ticks, fleas and mites). These parasites bite the infected mouse and then spread the disease by biting humans.


 • Rats like to eat, so do not leave food out

 • Make sure that your sheds, storage areas, crawlspaces, and garbage cans are clean and dry

 • Mice eat 15-20 times a day, so do not leave food outood out

 • Seal up small holes and cracks that are half to quarter inch (Rats 0.5”, Mice 0.25”) or more

Trapping: Trapping is the first step towards rat elimination (or mice elimination). We use various professional trapping techniques and/or bait stations depending on the environment and your individual situation. We trap to extract and remove rats (or remove mice) from your home or business.

Sealing: After the rat removal (or mice removal) trapping process completes, we then permanently seal rodents from your home or business so they cannot reenter. The rodent sealing/rodent proofing process is unique and completely customized to your home or business. This will rid rodents from your home or business, making it a fortress and impenetrable to all rodents while preventing them from any further damages and spreading diseases.

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Widow Pest Control has been servicing North Phoenix Metro Area, Peoria and Glendale Arizona for over 25 years.

NEWS: Phoenix based "Widow Pest Control" expands service area's to include; Avondale, Black Canyon City, Buckeye, Goodyear, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Surprise and Tolleson.

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