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Probably the most reviled unwelcomed guest is the cockroach. They are hardy and reproduce voraciously. There are five common cockroaches in Arizona. German, American, Turkestan, Brownbanded and Desert cockroaches. The German cockroach is commonly found in kitchens and favors hot, humid places. Roaches are notable in areas where food sources are available, but even clean environments can harbor roaches. If cockroaches have access to anything they consider food, then baits alone will have limited effect. They can find their way indoors as hitchhikers or through drains or other means. A thorough analysis and appropriate eradication is best.

Treatment: Most cockroaches can be excluded from buildings by having us provide pest control boundaries. Roaches remain mostly hidden during daylight hours. Any sighting should trigger a response from the resident. Additionally, a daytime sighting of any cockroach species indicates an infestation and requires immediate action. They are persistent and aggressive in finding ways to their means so roach eradication treatment needs to be complete. We offer treatment and guidance as to controls for ridding them from your domicile.

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Widow Pest Control has been servicing North Phoenix Metro Area, Peoria and Glendale Arizona for over 25 years.

NEWS: Phoenix based "Widow Pest Control" expands service area's to include; Avondale, Black Canyon City, Buckeye, Goodyear, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Surprise and Tolleson.

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