Treatment for Ants

There are several species which may enter houses, including the fire ant, odorous house ant and the pavement ant. These ants will enter your home or office. Most often their nest remains out of doors, but they find access to interiors in search of food and shelter. We offer a thorough grounds inspection to be sure the job is complete.

Three species of fire ants inhabit the desert southwest, all are known as desert fire ants: Solenopsis xyloni (southern fire ant), Solenopsis aurea and Solenopsis amblychila.

Red Imported Fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) are not established in Arizona yet, but do show up periodically; these ants are more aggressive than our native fire ant species and the stings are far more painful.

Ant Treatments

Ants are social insects that live in large groups. Hence the armies of ants phrase. As you may know, baits treated with insecticides often offer the best control because the worker ants carry the poison down into the nest and feed it to all the members of the colony. It is the proper placement of these baits and modification of habitat preferred by these pests that are the ultimate methods for eradication of these persistent pests. Typical one time treatment efforts at removing ants from an area fail as they are not thorough enough. Please allow our professional services to tackle your ant invasion. Management of terrain, treatment of colonies and education for the home owner are all parts of our expertise in eliminating ants from your premises.